Anne Marie Cadwallader

It has taken some time to come back to my roots, at least my memory roots. I was born in Manila, Philippines; I grew up in the tropic heat with palms and poinciana, and typhoons. The Pacific Ocean ruled our days. After college in Oregon and California, after traveling the world and living in cities as different as London and Dallas, after spending 35 years in North Texas, my husband and I, with our flock of two dogs and a cat, and occasionally grown children and grandchildren, have found home in Naples, Florida. Here I find the inspiration and encouragement to write about memories, life, the sweet animals that give so much to us, the gifts and lessons of nature.

I have written poetry for much of my life as a writer; my poems have been published in Numinous, The Alembic, Foliate Oak, Amarillo Bay, and Soundings East literary magazines.  My poem, “Brother and I,” won the 2011 Margaret Reid Prize for Traditional Verse – Most Highly Recommended.

I have begun a second chapter in my writing with the publication of Lovemee, a children’s book. Lovemee is based on a true story from my children’s elementary school days. I love writing stories for children centered around animals and focusing on the need and desire in children and adults for compassion and understanding.


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