Anne Marie Cadwallader

Lovemee is a sweet and inspiring children’s book based on a true story from Anne-Marie’s life. At her children’s elementary school, a rabbit that lived in the science room often escaped her hutch (or was let out) and roamed the hallway, venturing into classrooms. She brought order and quiet to any room she visited. This is the moving story of two boys, a terrible loss, and a rabbit that brings love and trust back into their hearts.


Lovemee – Dorrance Publishing Company, 2018

“Benediction” – Published in Amarillo Bay, 2/20/2012

“Brother and I” – Published in Alembic, 2/20/2012

“Brother and I” – Margaret Reid Prize for Traditional Poetry, 2012

“Canoes and Alligators,” “Girl Disappearing,” “The Day My Father Died,” “Killing Words,”
“Rock and Tree and God” – Published in Foliate Oak, 12/2012

“Waiting” – Published in Soundings East, 6/11/2012

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