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The artist who illustrates my books Lovemee and Anthony and Arabella is Katie Deveau.

Katie Deveau has always had an avid interest in art since childhood. She began to seriously pursue it in high school by starting private lessons in watercolors and then attending Ball State University where she graduated in 2009 with a BFA in Fine Arts, specializing in Watermedia. Her preferred subject matter tends to be composite creatures, painted in bright  and vibrant colors and emphasizing the blending of materials, primarily water and paper; two things that traditionally do not mix.

Animal symbolism plays a heavy part in her works. Katie relies especially on her extensive background in dog grooming as a source of knowledge of animal physiology that shines through in these works, giving them a unique and recognizable flair.

Katie works in multi media, primarily watercolor. Her goal has long been to make visually pleasing, thought provoking, multi-layered comments on the world and society that are accessible to everyone. She hopes that by bringing these intricate images and a wide variety of art styles to children’s books, she can stimulate development and creative thinking at crucial ages that will help in fostering new generations of creators.

Catch up to what Katy is doing with her art at her website: